Who is Eadie?

I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines (for those who don't know where the Philippines - it's a group of islands located a little above the equator and south of Japan). I have an older sister and brother and two younger brothers who are twins. I am the middle child and as in the case of all middle children, I grew up with nobody minding my business but myself. When we get in trouble, it's my older brother and sister who got to be yelled at. The twins were the favorite, being the youngest. They pretty much left me alone to do what middle children usually do.

I got my bachelor's degree in Physics and another bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering a long, long time ago at the Ateneo de Manila University, one of the three prestigious universities in Manila (or so we claim). After graduation, I worked for a few years in the Philippines. I started as a research assistant at the Environmental Research Division of the Manila Observatory. After six months (you can only stare at a topographical map for so long), I switched jobs and became part of the corporate world. I worked as a programmer at Software Brewers, Inc, doing the backend C-generator application for their CASE tool. After two years, I switched jobs again. This time, I was a software engineer doing PCL (Printer Control Language) emulation for an HP-clone.

For five years, after graduating from college, my life has been pretty normal… But I have always found normal and boring synonymous. Guess what I did this time? Go adventuring in the US of A.

While in the US I stayed in New Jersey where I worked as a programmer/analyst/tech lead for CitiStreet (formerly 'The Copeland Companies') for 6 years; a software engineer for the user interface of outgoing mail sorter machines at OPEX for 3 years until they kicked me out for using the Internet too much (a girl has got her needs); and for more than 3 years now as a software engineer for Syncro Technologies, designing and writing software for medical equipment (I am not allowed to say who our clients our but they are pretty big names in the industry).

At first I thought that my adventures didn't work as well as I wished it would but it paid off in the long run. I met the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with after long years of convincing myself that I am not to marry - I guess, I was just waiting for the right guy.